Alastair Gibson

ALASTAIR was born in 1962 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He completed his schooling at King Edward VII, followed by two years compulsory national service in the South African army.

The abundance of marine life, experienced during holidays spent on Natal Coast, inspired Alastair to attend private classes so he could sculpt these forms.

With a balance-engineering education, Alastair set off to Europe on a quest to work in the motor racing industry, where he was employed in Formula 1 as race team chief mechanic for BAR Honda. Drawing similarities between modern Grand Prix cars and fish (primarily sharks), Alastair undertook a series of sculptures using F1 parts and technology to show these unique fish in a different from.

Alastair is now at work completing a number of private commissions using the latest F1 technology available for a new form of carbon fibre sculpting, which should allow us to see his love of marine life in a different form.

Alastair lives in the UK with his wife Carolyn and their son William.

  • Alastair Gibson Aero L Lamp

    Aero L Lamp

    R31 500 (R36 225 Incl VAT)

    Alastair Gibson
    Carbon Fibre
    540 x 370 x 93 mm

    ART ID 8945