Anton Brink

‘I have been a professional artist since 1996. Although I am known primarily as a painter, I also make sculptures and installations using found objects in combination with welded steel, fibreglass resin and other materials – in this, I am in a sense more of a “bricoleur”, a maker of 3-dimensional collages. My art explores the world of the subconscious and is often of a highly personal nature. It is not to be taken literally, with meanings usually implied by association and juxtaposition – my artworks should be viewed as visual poetry, with titles that provide a verbal clue or starting point for the viewer’s interpretation.’

Anton Brink has an extensive solo, group and collaboration exhibition history both locally & internationally.

  • Anton Brink Artist

    The Other Side Of Silence

    R60 000 (R69 000 Incl VAT)

    Anton Brink
    Oil on Canvas
    1700 x 1200 mm

    Art ID 10133

  • Anton Brink Focus (2019) 150x120cm


    R69 565 (R80 000 Incl VAT)

    Anton Brink
    Oil on Canvas Board
    1380 x 1185 x 30 mm

    Art ID 10035

  • Through the Looking Glass

    R65 217 (R75 000 Incl VAT)

    Anton Brink
    Oil on Board
    1000 x 1220 mm

    ART ID 9869