Chonat Getz

My inspiration and influences are widespread – the exquisite Greek friezes of the Parthenon, the genius of Leonardo, Durer and Rembrandt, the geometric horses of Ucello, the terror and ecstasy of Gericault and Delacroix, the realism of Stubbs and, in modern times, the works of Marino Marini, Salvador Dali and Elisabeth Frink to mention just a few.

Also it’s interesting that there are so many famous horses that we are all familiar with such as Pegasus, Black Beauty, Sea Biscuit, Bucephalus, Silver, Incitatus, Rocinante, Marengo, Hippocampus, The Trojan Horse, The White horse of Kent, the Houyhnhnms, The Horse With No Name…

Finally, the aesthetic pleasure derived from the elegant grace, powerful form and dynamic spirit of a beautiful horse is not dissimilar to the aesthetic pleasure derived from the elegance, power and depth of a fine mathematical argument.

  • Chonat Getz - Carnival Horse

    Carnival Horse

    R97 500 (R112 125 Incl VAT)

    Chonat Getz
    Bronze A/P
    770 x 800 x 152 mm

    Art ID 10162