Claire Bunkell

Claire Bunkell was born in Cape Town South Africa in 1974. After graduating from the University of Cape Town with a BA in English Literature and Economics, Claire embarked on a corporate career in London. During this time Claire developed a keen interest in photography. In 2003 she returned to Cape Town, married and at the age of 30, after having her first child, decided to explore a more creative avenue and enrolled full time at the Ruth Prowse School of Art where she graduated with a diploma in Artistic Photography in 2008.

Claire spent the next several years working as a photographer. Claire attempted to create photographic images which had the quality of a painting, rather than the raw realism of documentary. Claire decided to begin representing these artistic explorations on canvas and has now evolved to painting her photographic works. There is a strong sense of wanting to explore integrity and beauty as defining values in her work; as a conceptual artist Claire strives to capture both movement and life in an honest way.

Claire currently lives in Cape Town with her husband, two sons, a Siberian Forest cat and an Aussie Sheep dog named Chess.