Elijah Ndarama

Elijah Ndarama is an emerging fine artist specialising in portraits painted on hessian. Born and raised in Malawi, he left his country of origin in 2008 for Cape Town, South Africa, where he decided to pursue his dream to be a portrait artist. He trained himself to paint using watercolours, charcoal, pencils, pastels, oils, and acrylics. He started supplying paintings in flea markets and soon also to galleries like The Framery and Cape Gallery.

He discovered that when he paints on the hessian, he is highly connected to it. He expressed himself with ease through it. As an introvert, his existence, finally found an outlet to reach out to the whole world and make a difference. He believes each stroke is a wave of energy carrying stories which would otherwise be difficult to convey verbally. His work reflects the other side of life, the life which emanates from within.

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