Johan Steyn

South African born artist Johan Steyn has spent his entire life creating art on a national level ranging from coin design, national award trophies, sculpting, painting and more.

His bronzes immediately grasp the viewer with a flood of emotion. Questions immediately arise as to the cause of emotion and the events that lead to this situation. The sculptures are original in all respects and stand apart.

He has had extensive exposure to coin design and development as sculptor and engraver for the South African Mint. This in combination with experience in the research environment and the influence his father (Louis Steyn – Batik artist) had on his development as artist is expressed in his works in a unique way.

Operating from his studio in Muizenberg – Cape Town, he produces very limited edition works of outstanding quality and originality. This fulltime sculptor focusses most of his attention on the human figure integrated with nature as well as heavenly beings in bronze.

Steyn prefers not to talk too much about his works, letting the viewer create their own narrative.

  • Johan Steyn Artist - Weeping Angel

    Weeping Angel

    R225 000 (R258 750 Incl VAT)

    Johan Steyn
    Bronze Edition 1/10
    720 x 395 x 1070 mm

    Art ID 10087

  • Johan Steyn There They Are

    There They Are

    R225 000 (R258 750 Incl VAT)

    Johan Steyn
    Edition 1/10
    550 x 750 x 650mm

    ART ID 9736