Khotso Mahloma

Khotso refers to himself as a visual emotionalist. in his own words – ‘It went from eye to hand’.
For Khotso, each piece has a distinct feeling and purpose, compelling him to complete a current work before another can begin.
Khotso showed an interest in art from an early age but went on to become a Marine in the SA Navy.
The loss of his child in 2019 inspired him to explore making art again. This process opened the emotional vacuum in his heart and awakened him to his real passion and purpose in life.
He brings a deep love and a strong work ethic to his practice and devotes every spare moment to exploring and making his art.

  • Attitude

    R30 000 (R34 500 Incl VAT)

    Khotso Mahloma
    Smoke and Ink on Canvas
    1000 x 2000

    ART ID 9887