Max Kuijers

Max Kuijers was born in Cape Town in 2001 to artist parents David and Dina Kuijers. He first exhibited in a group show at the age of 12, and has since participated in numerous exhibitions and received awards for his art. He is currently studying art at Stellenbosch University.

‘I am interested in how mundane and familiar objects can be manipulated and metamorph into unique beings that have only previously existed in my imagination. I enjoy the restrictions and possibilities that these objects possess and I am interested in being able to utilise these possibilities and restrictions in novel, enchanting or disturbing ways.’

  • Max Kuijers - Arm Wrestler

    Arm Wrestler

    R10 800 (R12 420 Incl VAT)

    Max Kuijers
    Wood Steel and Wire
    240 x 285 x 420 mm

    Art ID 10053

  • Max Kuijers - Boo


    Max Kuijers
    330 x 1030 x 530 mm