Norman Catherine

Norman Catherine was born in 1949 in East London, South Africa. He attended the EL Technical College Art School from 1967-1968 where he completed an art matric. Other than these 2 years at the Tech, he is for the most part self-taught. He currently lives at the Hartbeespoort Dam where he has been since 1975. During the 1980’s he spent time living in Los Angeles and New York. He works in various media including painting, sculpture, mixed media, printmaking, wall hangings and bronze and has been an influence on many younger artists.

  • Norman Catherine Cactus Man

    Cactus Man

    R25 000 (R28 750 Incl VAT)

    Norman Catherine
    Silk Screen
    Edition 52/90
    450 x 540 mm (740 x 850 framed)

    ART ID 9778