Tarryn Stebbing

Tarryn is a keen equestrian and works professionally as a rider, judge and avid dressage competitor.

She intended to become a veterinary surgeon upon leaving school, but opted to become a Graphic Designer instead. She worked in the industry both locally and abroad and uses these skills for conception and configuration in her artwork.

“I paint in the afternoons and on quiet days, enjoying a balance of the outdoors as well as the serenity of my home studio.”

Tarryn has been selling privately to very receptive clients and now wants to take her burgeoning art career to a new level. We are excited to be the first gallery to showcase her distinctive work.

“Animals are my muse and largely feature as the subject matter in my paintings. Their diversity and complex forms are fodder for my imagination. With a solid understanding of the confirmation of both horses and dogs, they have become a favourite topic of mine.

I enjoy manipulating focal points, omitting aspects and using lines to bring about movement to the piece, all with the essence of capturing the animals emotion. My vibrant colour palette adds a playful facet whilst enhancing mood and demanding attention. “

  • Weimerana Drama

    R20 000 (R23 000 Incl VAT)

    Tarryn Stebbing
    Acrylic on Canvas
    1400 x 1400 mm

    ART ID 9956